Multitimbral is a UK based music production company specialising in music for Film and TV in a wide variety of styles and genres.


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      Welcome, I'm Steve Jones writer, composer and producer for Multi-timbral              soundscapes. If you are looking for music for your next project and want

something inspired, fresh and different, we can handle any musical requirement to suit any budget. We offer well crafted music and sound design in most genres,

professionally recorded and mastered here in our own studio.

With Multitimbral, you can rest assured that all music is 'One Stop', all copyright owned inhouse (mechanical 100% / publishing 100%) and managed via PRS (UK) and BMI in the (USA), so there will be no 3rd party/co-writer or sample issue headaches, meaning simple quick clearance for you as a filmmaker/music supervisor etc.

Please feel free to contact me with regards to exclusive or non exclusive usage rates to suit your budget.

All PRS tunecodes, metadata and download access supplied on demand.

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New Album - Pipe Dream